Painted Rocks by Cindy Thomas

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unique nativity sets and nativity scene figures hand-painted on Colorado river rocks and stones

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About Lin Wellford

Lin Wellford is best-known as the 'mother of modern rock painting' for her line of bestselling books that show how to master the art of painting on rocks. With more than one million copies of her books sold worldwide, she is among the most popular craft/ how-to authors of all time. Her imaginative projects, easy-to-follow instructions, and encouraging tone have helped hundreds of thousands of people discover hidden artistic talents they never guessed they had. Lin has been a frequent guest on HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show. Articles about her unusual art have been featured in National Geographic World, Michaels Art& Crafts, The Artist magazine, I Love Cats, Country Home Decorating Ideas and many more. Lin lives, writes and paints from her home in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. She is frequently asked to give demos, talks and workshops and is always happy to introduce others to this very inexpensive and accessible art form.


  • Rock Painting Fun for All Ages
    If you're looking for an inexpensive art or craft activity for yourself or to share with kids, consider the art of painting on rocks. Rock painting may be man's original art form, but these days it is probably the easiest and most fun way to learn to paint.
  • Fight Stress with Rocks
    Mental health experts have long known the value of developing creative outlets to relieve stress. But what if you hate knitting, don't have the resources to take up scrapbooking and are convinced you don't possess a drop of creativity? It might just be time for you get rocking!
  • Craft Trends Reflect Timeless Truths
    Embracing change means actively seeking a position at the leading edge of trends rather than forever scrambling to keep up with the pack. At the same time, it means allowing yesterday's huge trend to ebb into a niche activity where it may survive for months or years before evolving and resurfacing as the next new big thing.

A note from Cindy, sadly Lin's 33-yr. old daughter passed away this Fall 2011. Click here to read how rock painting has helped Lin get through this difficult time.